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Deitti - Mauritz deChenicourt, male, 50 years, single, Helsinki, Finland - Treffit Asia

Gender: Male
Username: Mauritz deChenicour
Marital status:  Single
Country:  Finland
Religion:   Christian
Education: University - graduated
Occupation:  entrepreneur
Children: Yes
Smoking: No
Drinker: Light/Social drinker

Appearance: Caucasian, 192cm , 70kg , brown eyes and brown hair.

About me:    I´m a tall (192cm) , slim sporty gentleman fron Finland. I´m half dutch(Holland) and half finnish. fathers family is from France.I´m a 50-years old tall man with a aristocratic backround. They say I´m very "representative - looking man, well maybe..I look younger often hear, but I just try to take care of my condition daily, eat healthy, etc., so I´m still slim and sporty looking man, with all hair remaining..:) (I must tell You that I was in the 90´s a man-mannequin in Paris!! :) for 2 years, before starting my careers after my educations). I stayed in France with my father Marius, as he had a long work-project there close to Paris. Ofcourse I´m not anymore that same man precisely, but that is a part of my history and thus telling that to You.

Now to more serious matters:

I have 3 beautiful daughters from my long previous relationship which ended 7 years ago with a finnish woman here in Finland Europe; Anna-Evémia 18, Maria-Angèle 13, and Mimosa 12. They live with their mother, but stay with me also often and we all nice things. I´a family man.

I come from a Dutch-Finnish family, and my father came from Holland to Finland in the 1960´s. My mother is Finnish. I have 2 European nationalities and passports (Holland, Finland).

 My look is from my fathers side as his family is originating from the south of France, more presicely from Dauphiné; northern border of the province of Provence. Thus, the mentality of the family is southern France (and not northern European:))

I´m very sensitive and romantic character, love music, arts, beauty in all aspects, but do work in technical, also economical surroundings, which tells that I´m quite multibranche person. My work life is very important to me as I´m a very hard workin man, with strong background of Purchasing and Commercial Engineer position, as well as consult of a International Paper Maschine Industry, and the present position as a entrepereneur & Managing director of my own company in Environmental technologies and construction business.

I have 3 degrees, a polytechnical university degree BBA (economics), a College-degree in Environmental (Forest, Agriculture, Horticulture), and mba-studies in the Technical University in Helsinki. I did my 2 baccalaureates both in Finland and in the USA (Washington State).
 I enjoy reading, sports, cooking, traveling (which is almost automatic to Hollland and France), sometimes to south of Europe , the Mediterranean region, etc.

I´m looking for a partner abroad, because I´m more internalional person and character myself, as the people(women) in this northern European country.

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